I help  improve collaborations.

Resolve conflicts quickly and sustainably.

And you become more who you are. 



Our team is performing well….

But the tensions are growing and the team spirit is low. What is going on and how can we turn this negative spiral around? 

The post merger integration went really well!

The truth? There is still a major gap between us and them, and it is getting worse.

I have been a manager for so long, you’d think I am good at it

But everthing is changing all the time and I feel I am losing grip. On my team, my work and myself.

I feel stressed and not my best self at all. I know that something has to change.

But I just can’t figure it out: what do I want and what should I  do?

Are your collaborations Corona and future proof?

Even without the impact of the Corona virus, there are always (periods of) minor disagreements  within a team and collaboration. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, disgreements are excellent tools for creating space for new insights, better communication and innovation. But when not addressed properly,  they can grow into major problems with major consequences. Loss of trust, broken relationships, an inkblot effect that causes the conflict to spread through the organization or worse. And with the  major changes Corona brought in the way of working and the (mental) wellbeing of many employees,  the need to deeply understand and strengthen the relationships with(in) your team is more crucial than ever.

I will be more than happy to helpt you get the best out of you, your team and your relations with other stakeholders. 

Want to become more who you are?

 There can be periods in life that you feel stuck in some way. Your career doesn’t progress, the relations with your colleagues are not as good as they could be, you feel that you are not the best version of you.  Or maybe you are dealing with a big transition in your life or company. Or want to develop your leadership skills.

This may be an excellent moment for you to start your coaching journey. Even if the threshold may seem  high.  

In safety and trust, I walk with you on your path to new insights and confidence. Based on my conviction that you already have all the answers. You just can’t quite reach them.

What can I do for you?


In a confidential one-to-one relationship we work on your personal and business growth.

Team Coaching

In a safe space we work on strengthening the team with more insight, trust and collectivity and a (renewed?) focus on the purpose of the team.


In escalated business conflicts, mediation can prevent legal action.

Collaboration scan

The collaboration scan considers and improves your collaborations. Entering the future together with strengthened trust and clear mutual expectations.

When a business partner violated existing agreements, this led to a direct conflict situation and logistical problems. Petra first spoke to both parties separately. Ze heard us and dug a little deeper. Thus creative possible solutions arose. Petra then organized a meeting with both parties. In this session, a solution was jointly chosen. The sting was removed from the personal conflict.

Owner of a sales consultancy firm

Professionally distant and at the same time intensely involved. This is how I experienced the coaching by Petra. At the outbreak of the coronavirus, I was overcome with intense fear. Petra got me going again in three telephone sessions. Se emphasizes however that I did it all myself. She literally guided me outside with (telephone) walking sessions. I can now breathe freely again, sometimes even happy and carefree. Thank you Petra!

S. van Beveren, owner marketing agency